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roll call of contributors

Susan Kyne Andrews

Philosophy teacher in Temple Carrig Secondary School in Greystones. She holds an honours degree in Philosophy from UCD. Susan is one of the first teachers to devise a formal curriculum for second-level philosophy in Ireland. Rooted in an experiential approach to learning, Susan endeavours to make learning as engaging, relevant and enjoyable as possible for her students.

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Assia Buono

Hailing from Italy, Assia is an undergraduate Philosophy student at UCD and serves as Brand Ambassador for UCD’s Young Irish Philosophy Award (YIPA).

Somehow, she also found time to devise a 5-week philosophy curriculum anchored in the YIPA aimed at students who might not otherwise see university as a next step after school.

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Lukasz Krzywon

Originally from Poland, Lukasz is the founder and CEO of Creative Together.​

A philosopher, artist, musician and educator. has been living in Co. Mayo in Ireland since 2004. He also works as a Travel Officer for Green-Schools Ireland and as an SEAI workshops facilitator.

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Daniel Mccrea

Daniel runs the PhilosophyShortCourse website.

With 10 years delivering Award-Winning Educational Software and an M.A. in Philosophy he also authors resources for the site.

You can read more > Here


Clare O'Brien Quinn

Clare joined the teaching staff at Gonzaga College SJ in Dublin after over ten years of teaching Philosophy and Religion at A-Level in the UK.

> Read Our Interview with Clare HERE

Marelle Rice

Marelle has a relentless passion for education and philosophy.

Co-founder and Director of Philosophy Ireland and Director of The Thinker’s Midwife, her work with the NCCA on the Philosophy Short Course lured her back to Ireland in 2017 and she wears a number of hats as she supports the development of Philosophical Inquiry and P4C in all areas of the Irish education system.

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