March 2022

*Postponed Until Autumn 2022 - Apologies*

keynote witH JANA MOHR LONE

Jana Mohr Lone is the director and founder of the University of Washington's Center for Philosophy for Children.She is the author of the books Seen and Not Heard (2021) and The Philosophical Child (2012); co-author of the textbook Philosophy in Education: Questioning and Dialogue in Schools (2016); co-editor of the essay collection Philosophy and Education: Introducing Philosophy to Young People (2012); and she has published dozens of articles about children’s philosophical thinking.

A frequent speaker about philosophical inquiry with children, Jana has been leading philosophy classes with students from preschool to graduate school for 25 years and working with educators, administrators, and families to bring philosophy into the lives of young people. She is the founding president of PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization), past chair of the American Philosophical Association Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy, and the founding editor-in-chief of the journal Questions: Philosophy for Young People.

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Jennifer Horgan

AKA The Irish Examiner's Secret Teacher and Author of 'O Captain My Captain'. Jennifer is a teacher, freelance journalist, poet and lyricist. She was born in Cork, Ireland, but spent twelve years abroad in London and Abu Dhabi. She returned home in 2018 to work in Cork Educate Together Secondary School. Her work has been published in Crossways magazine, Culture Matters – An Anthology of Contemporary Irish Poetry, The Irish Examiner and the Evening Echo.

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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis was the winner of the Hennessy Prize for Emerging Poetry and the runner up in the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award in 2015.

He is also host of the popular If I Were Minister Of Education Podcast.

Simon works in Carlow Town as the principal of the local Educate Together primary school. He is well known in education circles for his views on technology in education and has written several publications in this field. He also cares passionately about equality, particularly in education.

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Dr. DaN McKee

Author of Authentic Democracy: An Ethical Justification of Anarchism and founder of,

A secondary school teacher of RE and Philosophy for over a decade, Philosophy Unleashed began in DaN’s classroom sessions where, inspired by both anarchist pedagogy and his background in improv theatre, students are given the autonomy to set the agenda themselves and “find the philosophy” in anything of interest, collaboratively, with the teacher acting as co-collaborator instead of philosophical authority.

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Daniel Mccrea

Daniel is the founder of

His goal is to make Teaching Philosophy the best job in Ireland.

He Holds an M.A. (Hons) In Philosophy and has spoken at, and facilitated, many public philosophy events. He has trained with in the teaching of Philosophy with Marelle Rice, Peter Worley and Educate Together.

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